Revive Your Kitchen with These Furniture Hacks From IKEA

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. Besides all the culinary magic that occurs there, some people use it as a space for work. In other words, it is an alternative room in which to spend quality time.

Maximising your kitchen space can save you time and money. Did you know that remodelling the kitchen can up its price value in the market? Well, according to this article from Money Crashers , you can get back up to 60-120% when you spruce up your kitchen, provided you don’t go overboard.

In this piece, we shall explore artsy, savvy, low-cost (sometimes free) furniture hacks to give your kitchen the uplift it needs. At, you can get ideas for your IKEA furniture, with the options almost endless. They are also offering the chance to win 30 sets of furniture legs and entering couldn’t be easier. Check it out here .

pic2 free legheads

Use a bar cart to store some pantry items

ikea desserte raskog

If you have a corner in your kitchen that could be put to good use, consider adding a bar cart for more storage, especially, if you have pantry items you need to reach quickly as you cook. The IKEA RASKOG bar cart has three tiers of space, which is particularly handy for your spice bottles and pickle jars.

It also has wheels attached, so you can easily move it across the kitchen whenever you want. If you’d rather visitors don’t see the cart at any point, simply wheel it out of the room and hide it with ease. It doesn’t come any handier than this.

Add another Island with an IKEA Billy Bookcase

5005 Woodview Ln Weddington NC 28104 07 master bedroom

Is your island too small for you? You can increase its load by converting an IKEA Billy Bookcase into a kitchen Island. This is perfect for a house with a number of residents. Whether you’re whipping up a chicken casserole or a gourmet salad, the extra base can provide a perfect layout for all your condiments.

IKEA’s Billy Bookcase is somewhat like an open shelving model of an island. The back is fully exposed, and it offers structured compartments to store items like snacks, baking supplies and even cookbooks. This hack is an easy DIY and you can manage it by placing a smooth, flat board across the bookcase.

Arrange cookbooks to look like photo frames


Your kitchen can look like the inside of a sophisticated art gallery. The introduction of floating picture frame rails on the wall can form a handy tool for displaying your favourite cookbooks. If you have an amazing collection, the beautiful covers can certainly make an appetising statement.

Perhaps the best location for these floating rails is the space beside the door entrance. However, if you have sufficient space, choose any place that will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Be careful of putting up too many books though, as you don’t want your kitchen to look like a library.

Wheeled Kallax for extra storage space


This is like an extension of the IKEA RASKOG cart. The Kallax is also perfect for adding storage space to your kitchen, because it comes with four spacious compartments. It doesn’t come with a set of wheels like the RASKOG cart, but with a little DIY, you can have it rolling across your kitchen floor with ease.

Unlike the cart, IKEA’s Kallax has plenty of room for much larger items, such as your best china, a potted plant or swinging vase. If you have guests visiting for dinner and need more plates, you can simply wheel the Kallax straight into the dining area.

Step-stools for more room


Some kitchen tables are designed to accommodate just two people at a time. So, if you invite Sally and Jim over for breakfast, it might be a tad uncomfortable trying to place four chairs at the table. One effective solution for this is IKEA’s step-stools.

These BECKVAM Step-stools are not only conveniently shaped, but also light and able to fit into any table for four people. Originally designed for younger folk, they are equally comfortable for adults. If you are an ‘arty’ type, invest time in hand-painting your step-stools to make your kitchen beautiful.

The hanging kitchen garden

hanging planter herbs

IKEA has a nifty wine bottle holder that retails at about £7, but who says you have to use it for liquor? Spark up some creativity by turning it into a potted plant holder instead. The kitchen could house some greenery and the Vurm four-bottle wine rack is a quick solution.

If you don’t have already own some, buy a set of pint glasses from your local store. Fill them with loamy soil and green herbs from your florist and then squeeze the vases into the compartments of the wine holders. Place them in a corner of your kitchen and you’ve got your very own hanging garden.

Refurbished Legheads

pin legs

The local landfill is full of old tables and chairs. Although landfill use is prohibited, some people still empty their old items into them. However, before you condemn a table because of a broken leg, consider replacing it with IKEA hairpin legs. This doesn’t just modernise your kitchen, it also reduces needless dumping in landfills.

When it comes to sustainability, there is a lot you can achieve with IKEA furniture. One of the easiest furniture self-hacks is changing the leg head of a table or chair. At Legheads, this is the eponymous function behind their name. Visit the site for more ideas on refurbished furniture legheads .


Dresser-hacked dining sideboards

If you have a dining table that is too small for meal bowls, and you dislike leaving it every time you need more food, a dining sideboard is just the answer. You can fashion this from a couple of dressers that you no longer use. What’s more, each dresser has enough storage space to contain extra items like plates, cups, cutlery and so on.

This hack involves placing an even flat board over the dressers and fastening it in place. This way, you can keep your extra bowls of soup on the side when your table is full. White dressers are usually best for maintaining the natural ambience of the kitchen, but you can of course paint it any colour you want.

Hanging storage bowls

Hanging storage bowls

This solution is ideal for kitchens with small spaces and limited counters. Like the hanging garden, storage bowls suspended from metal ledges can be used to store fruit. This requires buying long rods and holders from IKEA’s GRUNDTAL Collection.

A power-drill and screw appliance are needed, whilst the bowls may vary in size and depth to accommodate different types of fruit. You can store other items, such as cutlery pieces and other kitchenware (which can be housed in the smaller buckets).

Spice rack to organise your drinking glasses

spice rack spice racks

A spice rack is a great way to store certain items around the home. In the kitchen, it can be used to hold drinking glasses for example. Mounting a spice rack on the wall can be as easy as using a hammer and a few screws. However, be aware of the size of the rail because of the height of the glasses.

For ease of use, install it close to your source of drinking water. Whether it is a water dispenser or a kitchen tap, your thirsty palate will be grateful. Also, some households use the rack to store spice jars and other cooking ingredients.

The IKEA wine glass holder

Spice rack to organise your drinking glasses

You don’t have to be an oenophile to have the basic storage equipment. From the slightly tilted position for reds and whites, to the neatly cut slits for placing your glasses face-down (easily draining any drops of water that remain after rinsing), this beautiful wine glass holder is the perfect resource for any wine drinker.

The wine glass holder - like the spice rack - can fit in any part of the kitchen. However, be wary of placing it where it can be knocked over. The wine holder component is only suitable for a few bottles, so should you have more, consider setting up a cellar instead.

A well-polished kitchen console


You probably have a media console in your bedroom – and your children a toy console - so why not mount one in your kitchen? While it might seem odd to set up a whole dresser in the kitchen, the idea is not too far-fetched.

Add a fresh layer of paint to your IKEA Malm dresser, include a few brass knobs and voila! You have more storage space for your crockery, as well as a brand-new kitchen island. The dresser in the picture above is not polished. If you prefer an attractive shine, use the appropriate lacquer and a buffing material to finish it off.

Blend in your storage


If you’ve just converted your bookshelf into a kitchen island, it might well stick out like a sore thumb. That is unless you embark on a quick DIY session. Likewise, the spice racks and Kallax space will also need finishing.

Start by deciding on a colour. For aesthetic reasons, it is advisable to change the original colour to match the surrounding furniture in the kitchen. Adding features such as brass knobs and door handles also enhances the functionality of the furniture.

A Play Kitchen

play kitchen

If you have enough space in which to fit a play kitchen for your child, by all means do. This is one way to keep them close while you cook. Furthermore, they may even learn a thing or two as they watch you. To do this, a stepping stool or some cabinets must be converted (see photo above).

Hollow out the cabinet and repurpose the top to look like a microwave oven. Add a metal ledge from the Grundtal Collection for the pots and pans. Ensure you don’t set up near any harmful objects in the kitchen. Always be present to make sure the child does not go beyond his or her play area.

Add a glamorous storage rack

glam IKEA

A floating credenza is not just for the bedroom; your kitchen could use some more storage space. Mount a cabinet on the wall as shown above, then place a smooth flat board across the top. This can serve as a platform for a vase, photo storage and other paraphernalia. Add a fresh coat of paint and the kitchen is ready.

One or two wood ledges on top can be used to store other kitchen items. In an apartment with insufficient space, this glamorous IKEA hack can come in handy. Never underestimate the value of a good kitchen DIY.

An extended ledge for a sea of spices

sea spice

Are you as talented as Nigella Lawson? Perhaps you have a horde of spice jars and not enough space to keep them. Your new kitchen can be altered to make this possible. Mount an IKEA wood ledge the same length as your longest wall. This should provide the perfect remedy for all your spice jars’ storage needs.

From paprika to coriander, lemongrass and 500 other flavours, an accessible spice mount is enough to make every cooking hour an interesting one.

Whether it is something as simple as changing a furniture leg head or refurbishing your dresser into an Island, it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, have fun doing it – and share this article with someone you know!

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