SmartBuyGlasses: Affordable Designer Sunglasses for Travel

As a frequent traveler, it’s very easy to give in and buy a pair of cheap or fake sunglasses from a roaming vendor at the beach or from a souvenir shop at the city center. However, I’ve come to learn that it truly pays off to pay more than just a dollar in order to own high-quality sunglasses that would not only last more than a week but would also provide full protection from harmful UV rays. (SmartBuyGlasses)

Thankfully, I’ve discovered SmartBuyGlasses and it’s the perfect answer to my needs!
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SmartBuyGlasses is an online seller that has been in the eyewear industry for over 10 years. With their competitive pricing, unlimited choices and exceptional customer service, they are offering the world’s largest range of authentic designer eyewear that are sourced directly from the world’s leading eywear suppliers.

» Why I love SmartBuyGlasses?

Their designer sunglasses are at an affordable price point!Certainly a true testament to their virtue of providing unbeatable pricing, SmartBuyGlasses gives its customers the chance to indulge on deals for premium sunglasses.
.Their products are absolutely authentic. In fact, to showcase how much they trust the originality of their sunglasses, SmartBuyGlasses offers an exclusive 24-month warranty against all manufacturers’ defects on sunglasses and glasses without exception — for FREE. For contact lens customers, they offer a 3 month warranty on all products; plus, if you are not satisfied with the item, they also offer a return option within 100 days.
.They work with leading eyewear manufacturers. Some of their main providers or partners are: Luxxotica (supplying brans like Persol, Oakley and Ray-Ban), Safilo (supplying Cèline, Carrera and Fendi), Marcolin (for Tom Ford, Mont Blanc and Roberto Cavalli), and Marchon (for Calvin Klien, Nike, and Karl Lagerfeld).
.They have amazing features for providing the best online shopping experience! I know how difficult it must be to do online shopping for sunglasses. But if you head on over to SmartBuyGlasses’ website, you will see their complex range of shopping filters and guides so that you can look over the best frames and lens by style, specialty, prescription, color, shape, and brand. To add, they even have the following cool features: Virtual Try-On: With 3D technology, this feature uses your computer’s webcam so that you can try and “fit” a virtual version of a pair of glasses! How awesome is that?360 View: Also with 3D technology, as the name implies, this will give you the feeling as though you’re looking at the sunglasses as if they’re just right in front of you.Asian Fit: These are sunglasses that are specifically designed for face shapes which have higher cheek bones and shallower nose bridges (which is often true for most Asians).Videos: To give you a better idea of the sunglasses, SmartBuyGlasses also has pre-made videos to better showcase the frames.
.They “give back”! Every purchase that you make through SmartBuyGlasses website makes an incredible difference to a person’s life somewhere else. To date, the company has donated over millions of glasses to visually-impaired persons worldwide by working with their non-profit partner, Unite for Sight.

» My SmartBuyGlasses haul!

– Spektre MAS Metallo MM01D/Black (Gold Mirror) –
SpektreSpektre Sunglasses

– Bvlgari BV8178 11177E (Raspberry) –
BulgariBvlgari Sunglasses

– Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 491/S LSX/NR –
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With SmartBuyGlasses, not only can you confidently shop for the best frames right in the comfort of your home, but you can also avail designer sunglasses that are at unbeatable prices.

So what are you waiting for? Own and pack these sunglasses for your upcoming trip!

How about you?

What do you think of SmartBuyGlasses?Would you like to buy your sunglasses with them too? Why or why not?Or have you shopped with them before? How was your experience?

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