New sound effects: Norwegian ambiences, semi-trucks, boats, wine glasses – and a lot more!

Lots of great new sound effects libraries were released by the indie community, and they’re going to make you want to take a vacation! You’ll hear calm ambiences from Tasmania, sounds from northern fishing villages in Norway, and waves along the shores of the Norwegian Sea. You’ll also hear sounds of the inner-workings of an Arvor 215 fishing boat and an ERF E14 tractor-trailer, a detailed library of gutters and drains, the delicate tones of wine glasses, experimental clocks, and a sci-fi pack that get you everything from guns to interfaces. You’re in for a mid-week treat! Clocks Vol. 2  'Clocks Vol. 2' is the second installment of Badlands Sound's experimental timekeeper library. Each of its 33 files is one minute of loopable ticking sounds that came from metal, plastic, a metronome, and a grandfather clock. They were also recorded at 96kHz giving you the chance to create even more types of clocks. If you're looking for a memorable tick-tock sound for your project, look no further.   VirtualTruck: ERF E14 Soundpack  truck sound effectstruck sound effects'VirtualTruck: ERF E14 Soundpack' by Infrastructure Recordings features this semi-truck from lots of perspectives. You can hear the engine rumble through the range of its RPMs from inside the cabin (in seamless loops!), nearby on the outside, and through various passbys. It also has lots of foley of the dashboard, windows and doors, as well as recordings of the trailer during the uncoupling procedure. If you want your character to take a ride in this beast, this library should have you covered!   Arvor 215 Boat  'Arvor 215 Boat' by Soundholder features this fishing boat and all the sounds you'd hear during your cruise. This collection has sounds of the boat's diesel engine being started and stopped as well as whirring at different RPMs from under the hood. It also has close recordings of its propeller splashing water and ambiences of seagulls and waves hitting the boat. If you're looking for sounds from a 22-footer, this library has it all.   Gutters & Drains  'Gutters & Drains' by Niels Gabriels is a library full of watery sounds to give your urban and residential soundscapes detail and character. This collection has 29 recordings of these troughs after various storms, offering everything from water lightly dripping into a sewer to heavy flowing drains. Altogether you get 35 minutes of content, and for a small price, it's a very focused sound pack!     'Tasmania' by Niels Gabriels captures the sounds of this island off the coast of Victoria, Australia, with all its life and beauty. It shows off the island's tranquil birds, delicate waves on the rocky shores, mountain streams, light wind and rain in the forest, and much more. Tracks last from 2.5 to 6 minutes, giving you over 3.5 hours of these unique wilderness ambiences. If you are looking for sounds from the Southern hemisphere, give this one a listen.   Domestic Glass Harp  'Domestic Glass Harp' by Infrastructure Recordings is an incredibly distinct sound library featuring the glowing sound of wine glasses. This library has 117 sounds of struck, bowed, resonant, and vibrato-laden sounds that have been pitched from B4 to G5 with a few accidentals in between. It also includes sounds of pouring water into the glass and into a sink, and a free Kalimba sound library! If you need sweet tonal sounds that really sing, give this demo a listen.   Harbours Of Norway  Norwegian harbor sound effectsNorwegian harbor sound effects'Harbours Of Norway' by Soundholder takes you way up north to the Norwegian Sea and the fishing villages along its archipelagos. In this library, you'll hear lots of memorable seagulls, walla and industrial sounds from the ports and steam engine boats, waves and wind along the cliffs, and more. Each file lasts from 3 to 20 minutes, giving your over 160 minutes of ambiences, and the recordings contain very descriptive metadata and notes to help you quickly find what you need. For unique sounds from a beautiful part of the world, check this one out.   Shores of Senja  Ends 1503705600 'Shores of Senja' by Norsonant also takes you to the shores of northern Norway, this time to hear its peaceful waves. This library has smooth, swishing laps along the sandy beaches, large crashes against the rocky cliffs, and more, all recorded with cardioid and omni stereo pairs. You can get the library in 192kHz/24bit or 96kHz/24bit, and it also has a picture of every location! To take a trip to these relaxing shores, check out their demo video.   Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons  Gamemaster Audio is here once again to save you time on your prototype or final game with their new library 'Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons'. This library has 932 humming ambiences, lots of powerful weapon sounds, explosions, powerups, vehicles, alarms, and more for a wide variety of sounds to that will cover your futuristic scenes. You even get 8-bit sounds and computer bleeps and bloops with enough personality to voice your droid side-kicks! If your game takes place beyond the exosphere, this collection is a no-brainer.     Need more sound effects? See all the latest SFX releases here   Popular sound effects this week: 

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By downloading, the Licensee accepts this EULA and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this EULA and the EULA’s with similar terms for each Licensor in the File. Any files or material included in the File not specifically mentioned in each Licensor’s EULA is covered by the terms below. By downloading the Sound Examples, you'll also receive the A Sound Effect newsletter from time to time. You can unsubscribe from this anytime.

1. Grant of License
In consideration for the download of the Sound Examples via the Distributor, the Licensor grants the Licensee a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free license to use the Sound Examples (“Sounds”) on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

2. Rights Granted
The license granted in this agreement allows the Licensee to:

a. install and use the Sound Examples on one workstation at a time, although the Licensee is permitted to make and keep backup copies of the Sound Examples on other storage devices, and

b. distribute and publicly perform reproductions of the Sounds, where these are incorporated in and synchronized with other media productions, which shall mean products that contains at least one additional media element to the Sounds (music, voice, image, etc.), including but not limited to radio and television broadcasts, film, music compositions, web sites, podcasts, mobile apps, advertising, multi-media presentations, video games and similar.

3. Restrictions
The Licensee is not permitted to distribute or perform reproductions of the Sounds where these are not incorporated in and synchronized with other media productions, including but not limited to in toys, product design, greeting cards, ringtones, applications such as soundboards, hardware devices, media authoring tools etc.
To the furthest extension permitted by law, the Licensee is prohibited from adapting, modifying or repackaging any Sounds, except as permitted in Clause 2.

4. Intellectual property rights
All rights to the Sound Examples are owned by the Licensor and other than the license rights granted in this Agreement all rights in the Sounds and Sound Effect Libraries remain the property of the Licensor. The Licensee must not claim ownership or authorship of the Sounds or the Sound Examples.

5. Termination
The Licensee’s right to use the Sound Examples will automatically terminate in the event of any breach by the Licensee of the terms of this Agreement. In the event of termination, the Licensee shall delete or destroy all copies of the Sound Examples which the Licensee has produced.

6. Indemnity
The Licensee shall indemnify Licensor and Distributor from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, awards, damages, suits, injuries, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including attorney’s fees incurred by the Licensor and the Distributor with respect to any matter that arises as a result of the Licensee’s breach of this Agreement.

7. Liability
Licensor and/or Distributor shall not be liable for any damages or for any loss of business or business profits, business interruption, or any other direct or indirect loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any of Licensor’s Sounds.

8. Assignment
To the furthest extension permitted by law, the Licensee must not assign, license, sublicense, sell or otherwise assign the Sounds to any third party, except as set out in Clause 2.B.

9. Applicable Law
This Agreement is governed by the law of Denmark without giving effect to the Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods and the Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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