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[10/03/18, via ]
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Business Insider [10/02/18, via Business Insider]
20 game-changing products under $10 that we use in our daily lives If you've ever wasted hot water or your time trying to fit your hand into a thermos like a ship into a bottle, then you will appreciate these cheap, long bottle brush cleaners. It's a small daily inconvenience, but I've been surprised by how much I [...]

TrustedReviews [09/28/18, via TrustedReviews]
LG Watch W7 tipped to launch alongside LG V40 ThinQ – will it rival the Apple Watch 4? Elsewhere, the watch was previously tipped to include a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 LCD display, 768MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. Interestingly, it's also tipped to have analogue hands in order to help save on battery life (rumoured to be 240mAh). That would [...]

HuffPost [05/09/18, via HuffPost]
7 Of The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online For Cheap Before you purchase new glasses online, you'll need a copy of your most recent glasses prescription. (And no, your contact prescription won't work for new glasses, sorry). You'll also want to learn how to measure your PD, or pupillary distance. It's [...]

Refinery29 [10/03/18, via Refinery29]
A Week In Louisville, KY, On A $32000 Salary Then I take my maintenance inhaler and prescription nasal spray (allergies and asthma for the win!), brush my teeth, put in my contacts, and get dressed. Before heading out, I fill a reusable water bottle. I always have a water bottle with me . 6:30 [...]

My answer to Where you can buy very cheap prescription glasses? 

Now That I'm Sixty Now That I'm Sixty
Published by Australian eBook Publisher 2015
ISBN 9781925177756,1925177750
40 pages
Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times
Published by Penguin 2011
ISBN 9781101529300,110152930X
272 pages
Skier's Digest Skier's Digest
ISBN 0695800965,9780695800963
320 pages
On the Beaten Track: Travels In Eastern Europe On the Beaten Track: Travels In Eastern Europe
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2015
ISBN 9781483429625,1483429628

Caribbean Cruising 2016

mexico juarez jackedup sigma1020 juarezmexico Photo by J. Star on Flickr

20 to Florida We left home at 5:15am. The R and C's SIL Ross drove us. Shortly after leaving, we discovered that Joanie had left her camera on the kitchen table. After waiting a while for the shuttle I had booked, we arrived at our hotel at about 11:15. I was very concerned about the hotel, the Universal Palms, because though it was not cheap, at $175 US per night, it was much less than most other hotels... 21 Cruising After a McDonalds breakfast, we tried to buy a box of wine to smuggle onto the ship. We found some, but learned that under Florida law, you can not buy alcohol before noon on Sundays. That was too late for us. We got picked up at 10:45am and were in our staterooms by 12:15. The cruise terminal was only a few kilometres from the airport, but on weekends the traffic.

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Older Parents versus Young Ones

Parenting wasn’t in the cards for me when I was in my twenties. I couldn’t care for mini humans, while downing cheap beer and noshing on 7-Eleven frozen burritos at 2:00 am. In my early thirties my outlook drastically changed. My biological clock began striking like Big Ben, but finding a striking partner wasn’t working as well. ” But why buy the cow, when he’s boring and full of himself. By my mid-thirties, I married a wonderful man, who wanted to start a family right away. You would think by thirty-five, I’d be well equipped for what was coming. Like most new parents, I quickly learned my wild years were behind me. Sure my babies were cute while they screamed like feral animals, but since my girls were only 14 months apart, my past needed to be hung up to dry out.

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[02/11/16, via Consumer Reports]
How to Get the Best Eyeglass Lenses (Few people now use glass, which is heavy and breakable.) If you have a single-vision prescription (glasses to see far away or close up), you can generally get by with CR-39 lenses. They can be inexpensive—we found them for $29 to $149—but they can ... [...]

[02/03/16, via Medicine Net]
Nonprescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Magnifying Glasses It is common for pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, and even dollar stores today to carry nonprescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and magnifiers ... which often does not match the exact prescription of many patients who have a significant difference ... [...]

[02/02/16, via TheIntelligentOptimist]
oakley sunglasses for cheap Mr. Annan says he will work with member states to find a solution to the crisis but he appears to buy cheap oakley sunglasses favor negotiations over the threat of Security Council action. What is important is that both sides have said negotiations are not ... [...]

[01/02/16, via]
Zenni Optical Discount Eyeglasses Starting at $6.95 (Perscription Sunglasses starting at $12) What's even better is that all your glasses include a FREE upgrade to 1.57 thin & light Index Single Vision lenses, anti-scratch coating, UV protection as well as a FREE protective case and microfiber cloth. Some eyeglasses of interest are listed below ... [...]

[10/20/15, via Wall Street Journal]
The Pros and Cons of Buying Glasses Online Have you thought about buying your next pair of prescription glasses online? The lure of low prices, huge selection, and convenience is compelling. That said, eye doctors have some concerns. It turns out that buying glasses on the Internet can be a boon ... [...]

Top 5 Best Cheap Ski Goggles: Pairs for Under $75 in 2017

0 Shares Comments closed By Craig BennettUpdatedOct 4, 2017 at 11:26pmPublishedOct 4, 2017 at 11:23pmLike Us on Facebook!Loving Heavy? Follow us on Facebook!(Bolle/Amazon)Winter is coming. And for many of you, that means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the mountains skiing and snowboarding. So it’s probably a good time to start taking inventory of all your equipment and buying new gear, like a quality pair of ski goggles.Skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports, but you can...

Savvy Senior: How to save on prescription eyeglasses

DEAR SAVVY SENIOR:What tips or resources can you recommend to help seniors with the high cost of prescription eyeglasses? I used to have vision insurance through my work, but lost it when I retired.Need New SpecsDEAR SPECS:There's no doubt that new eyeglasses can be expensive. You can easily spend $200 for a basic pair, and if you spring for add-ons like anti-glare lenses or designer frames the price can double. If you're like most retirees, and are paying full out-of-pocket prices every time...

Idoglasses ... Always Provide Cheap Prescription Glasses for Clients

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Idoglasses is a pioneer in prescription glasses. is an ecommerce website which sells top notch prescription glasses online and is known to ustomers spread all over the world for its cheap prescription glasses. From this store you can buy cheap prescription glasses online. Idoglasses maintains a high standard and quality in manufacturing cheap prescription glasses through its skilled and dedicated manpower thereby making it a wonderful...