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RAC - Cheap Sunglasses ft. Matthew Koma

RAC ft. Matthew Koma - Cheap Sunglasses Purchase "Cheap Sunglasses" off the album 'STRANGERS' ...

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Quad-Cities Online [09/05/18, via Quad-Cities Online]
Keep your cold hands to yourself You never lose the cheap sunglasses or break the everyday plate. Celery is a great thing to eat when you are hungry and want to stay hungry. “Who ate my kale that was in the fridge?'' said no one in their right mind. One does not need to place one's [...]

Rolling Stone [09/30/18, via Rolling Stone]
Mike Campbell's Life After Heartbreak Mike Campbell doesn't cry when he talks about the early-morning phone call that told him Tom Petty, his bandleader and best friend of nearly 50 years, had just been rushed to the hospital. The Heartbreakers guitarist doesn't cry when he remembers [...] [09/30/18, via]
25 Style Secrets for Women Over 50 If there's one thing that celebrity stylists agree upon it's that age has nothing to do with style. Great style is possible no matter how old you are—they key is knowing how to flaunt you body and sensibility in a way that works for you. Here, we've [...]

Coastal Living [07/25/18, via Coastal Living]
The Scary Reason Your Cheap Sunglasses Are Bad for Your Eyes Your budget might rejoice at the $5 spotted sunnies you snagged from the cute seaside shop, but your eyes might not be so thrilled. That's because cheap sunglasses can do great harm to your eyes, says Ming Wang, MD, PhD, an ophthalmologist from  [...]

Your Cheap Sunglasses

The In Your Face Tour was a concert tour by rock band ZZ Top. The tour's concerts were performed in performing arts and convention centers from September through November 2008. Band members Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill dressed in black biker jackets with rhinestones, as well as baseball caps and boots. The In Your Face Tour consisted of 23 shows. As with the previous El Camino Ocho Tour, some of the tour was shown in the concert film Double Down Live.
Out of the 23 shows performed, each had a similar set list, with 16-21 songs performed. The concerts usually began with techno music played through the PA system, during which the band would walk on stage and begin the show.
Each show opened with a performance of "Got Me Under Pressure." Following "Got Me Under Pressure," the...

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Are those cheap but stylish glasses you bought at the mall actually protecting your eyes? 

@h__cash Like sorry my 3 year old put your cheap ass sunglasses in my infant's stroller‍♀️

RT @nickcasselman85: @agadmator All I know is I can buy expensive sunglasses and lose them in a week. You can drop cheap shades off a boat…

RT @nickcasselman85: @agadmator All I know is I can buy expensive sunglasses and lose them in a week. You can drop cheap shades off a boat…

@han_williams23 You just need clothing for hot weather, sunglasses, your passport, money (not a lot!) and that's it… 

On Style: with Tommy Prudenti - Charlotte Observer

hand naturallight banana theateroftheabsurd cheapsunglasses Photo by Pen Waggener on Flickr

The eldest of four siblings who are fewer than seven years apart, he was the last to relocate to the Queen City in 2013. Prudenti, 31, graduated from Rutgers with a B. A. in Theatre Arts. He’s the education programs coordinator at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, where he manages a staff of teaching artists.


This DIY Girls Night Out Survival Kit Will Blow Your Mind - BuzzFeed News

cheapsunglasses Photo by heybales on Flickr

Take the printed cotton fabric and cut out a rectangular piece around 2 inches wider than the opened case. Fold back the edges of the cloth and hot glue them to the inner edges of the case. Mark out one hole on each side of the case, opening-side up. carefully drill through to make holes big enough to thread wire through. Cut a piece of wire at a sharp angle. Pierce the fabric and make a loop using the beading pliers. Pull the wire up, then make a second, outer loop. Open up a loop in a chain and hook it onto the small outer loop. Cut out a piece of construction paper about the size of the case, so that it fits comfortably in the back of the FLAT side of the case. Mark about 1/2 inch wider than the foam board onto the printed fabric.


[03/15/16, via]
How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Actually Protecting Your Eyes And what better bargain than the cheap-as-chips sunglasses you can pick up from ... that time are probably doing absolutely nothing when it comes to protecting your eyes. "Sunglasses are every person’s wardrobe staple. They are used to make a fashion ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Democrat and Chronicle]
How I found $150 in unclaimed funds It's like a giant lost and found box, except instead of left-handed gloves and cheap sunglasses, it's 14 billion dollars ... Unlike the lottery, these odds are in your favor. Despite statewide advertising campaigns to raise awareness, the program ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Popular Mechanics]
Your Next Pair of Sunglasses Will Have Feathers in Them There's not much to remark upon: cheap plastic, flimsy lenses, and likely broken by the time you've got to fill up the car again. Shwood sunglasses on the other hand, are the kind you want to tell all your friends about. The wooden framed shades ... [...]

[03/07/16, via The Daily Athenaeum]
Know before you go: 8 essential items for your spring break getaway Sunglasses Whether you are on a long drive ... If you are worried about getting your phone wet or dirty, place it in a Ziploc bag. This offers a safe, yet cheap, solution. [...]

[03/07/16, via Radio Times]
Eye care ... always protect your eyes as you would your skin by wearing sunglasses with total UV protection. As a rule of thumb, sunglasses with polarised lenses usually eliminate 100% of harmful UV rays. Be wary of cheap sunglasses – they make look great, ... [...]

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Exceptional Women In Your Life

25 gifts that say more than 'Merry Christmas' More from Partnerships20 articles Dec 15, 2017 It's Christmas time again, and with the arrival of twinkling lights in trees and festive decorations comes the frenzied search for the perfect Christmas present. All too often it's a struggle to find a gift that properly pays tribute to the most important people in your life; a card is enough for a colleague or your Great Aunt Susan, but for the women who taught you to walk or are always on hand with...

Your cheap sunglasses are destroying your eyes — here's what to look for in a pair

Kai Pfaffenbach/ReutersIt's almost summer, and time to start stocking up on the universal sunny-day accessory: sunglasses.It might be tempting to grab a pair from your nearest dollar store and hit the beach. But if you do that, you probably won't be doing yourself — or your vision — any favors.Ultra-violet (UV) light, the same rays that cause sunburns and skin cancer, is invisible to the human eye. Enough exposure can have damaging effects on your...

Can Cheap Sunglasses Be Bad for Your Eyes?

EmailPrintShareFacebookTwitterTumblrLinkedInStumbleUponRedditDiggMixxDeliciousGoogle+ Follow @TIMEHealthAs people eagerly head out into the sun to soak up the last weeks of summer, inevitably some will end up picking up a cheap pair of sunglasses — because you left your good ones at home, or in the back of an airplane seat or in a cab, or just because those ones the street vendor is hawking are so cute. Yet, according to ophthalmologists, spending the $5 for trendy glasses that don’t block...